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You are important to us so if you have a complaint, compliment or other feedback, please talk to us.

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To Lodge a Complaint

To help us deal with your complaint we recommend you:

  • Gather any documents and other supporting information
  • Keep detailed records of letters, names, times and dates relating to your complaint
  • Let us know how you would like the complaint resolved

We will help you to resolve the complaint by:

  • Acknowledging your complaint and making sure we understand the issue
  • Doing everything we can to fix the problem
  • Keeping you informed of our progress
  • maintaining a record of your complaint
  • Providing a final response within 45 days
  • Informing you if, for any reason, we are unable to provide a final response to your complaint within 45 days.

To lodge your complaint please follow these steps:

STEP 1:  We encourage you to call our General Enquiries team on 08 8218 4888 as soon as possible so we can assist you. We aim to resolve your complaint at this step.

STEP 2: If the complaint requires a more detailed investigation or is complex, your complaint may be referred to our Customer Manager for specialist assistance.

STEP 3: If you are unhappy with the response we provide, you may refer your complaint to external dispute resolution.

Giving a Compliment

Have you been happy with the service provided by team members? Please let us know so we can recognise them.

Making a Suggestion

Do you have a suggestion on any improvements we can make to the products and services we offer? Please let us know. We value your feedback.

Choosing A Migration Agent


When migrating to Australia, you must consider who is going to be able to give you competent and practical advice.

Unlike many agents who were registered before 2007, recently registered Migration Agents such as DHC Group.Accounting & Migration have had to pass University post graduate Migration Law and Practice Certificates before they are entitled to apply to be registered. Then, after further stringent requirements are met, they achieve their registration.

After that they MUST operate under a strict code of conduct as laid out by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)

Registered Migration Agents MUST maintain current migration knowledge. They must attend many hours of further study to ensure that they are still up to date.

Your choice of migration agent should consider the following points.

      • Are they registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (the MARA) and the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA)? You can check here to find out.
      • Do they and their associates and support team have a good understanding of the Migration Act, Regulations, and other relevant material?
      • Do they and their associates and support team have what is needed to carry out the entire application process.
      • How long have they been providing professional level services to the public?
      • What level of business ethics and security do they have?

At AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC we have been accountants in public practice since 1981supporting people of all walks of life with their business and financial matters. We are committed to strict confidentiality of your personal and other information as you make one of the most important decisions of your life

So contact AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC to start the Migration Process.

Our Services


Migration Service (before you leave)

DHC Group can assist you with all visa applications, including:

  • Business
  • Independent Skilled Migration
  • Student and Trade Skills Training
  • Employer Sponsored 457 Temporary Business
  • Regional Sponsored Employer Nominated
  • Spouse Related
  • Family Sponsored Migration
  • Retirement
  • Parent
  • All Work Related
  • Professional Development
  • Graduate


Entity Valuation and Company Incorporations (after you arrive)

DHC Group can help companies and foreign entities that comply with the domestic policy requirements, register corporations and facilitate in establishing permanent representative office and branches here in Australia.

To make the transition seamless and successful, DHC Group offer a range of services that are tailored to meet your specific migration requirements.

Developing a sound professional relationship with your migration agent could be vital as you may be required to advise them of personal and professional information, including financial and business based details.

Code Of Ethics


DHC Group has had for more than 25 years a reputation for honesty, responsibility and fairness in its dealings with our clients, staff and all those with whom we conduct business. Our fundamental ethical principles include but are not limited to:


AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC shall be straightforward and honest in all professional and business relationships.


AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC shall be straightforward and honest in all professional and business relationships.

Professional competence and due care

AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC maintains professional knowledge and skill at the level required to ensure that a client or employer receives competent professional service based on current developments in practice, legislation and techniques. AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC acts diligently and in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards when providing professional services.


AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC respects confidentiality of information acquired as a result of professional and business relationships and refrain from disclosure to third parties unless:

  • there is a legal or professional duty to disclose;
  • they have specific authority to disclose
  • Such confidential information should not be used for the personal advantage of members or third parties.

Professional behaviour

AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC complies with relevant laws and regulations and avoids any action that discredits the profession. AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC considers their responsibilities as professional migration agents to clients, third parties, other members of the migration profession, staff, employers and the general public.

Objectivity and Independence

AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC and their staff have to be objective and independent especially but not exclusively including financial involvement with or in the affairs of clients; appointment as a director, officer or employee of a company or one that is closely related to the company or its officers.

Activities Incompatible with the Practice of Migration Law

AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC will not participate in activities that may impair the integrity, objectivity, independence or the good reputation of the migration profession.

Relationships with Colleagues and Professional Appointments

AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC will only undertake work that they are competent to complete and they and their clients seek expert advice where necessary should further specialist advice be needed.

If AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC is providing specialised advice to another migration agent’s clients, the advice is limited to the specialist area and seeks to support the professional relationship that is already in existence between the client and the other migration agent. The existing migration agent is fully informed in areas of relevance to their professional relationship with their client, except where this is prohibited by the client.

AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC provide clients with an engagement letter that clearly details what the client and the agent should expect from each other during the course of the engagement.

DHC Group, when dealing with the Department Immigration and Citizenship on behalf of our clients and their families and associates and any other parties associated with the client’s migration do so in a way as where we ensure that we act in the best interests of our clients their families and associates at all times AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC do not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct in the provision of our services.

AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC are always careful to respect cultural and social needs of our clients.

AUSTRALIA MIGRATION DHC has an internal quality system in place that addresses client complaint and their resolution.

شرکت DHC از سال ۱۹۸۲ در شهر آدلاید در استان جنوبی استرالیا(( South Australia به عنوان یک شرکت حسابداری ثبت گردید و  از سال ۲۰۰۷مجموعه فعالیتهای خود را بطور رسمی‌ در زمینهٔ مهاجرت نیز گسترش داده است.

این شرکت با بهره‌گیری از نیروهای مجرب و متخصص آماده ارائه خدمات مهاجرتی به شما علا قمندان می باشد.

چرا DHC؟

نماینده  قانونی ( وکیل)‌ این شرکت جناب آقای David Michael Hillton از سال ۲۰۰۷ تاکنون به عنوان نماینده رسمی‌ سازمان مهاجرت استرالیا و عضوMigration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) و (Migration Institute of Australia (MIA  با شماره ثبت ۰۷۴۴۲۸۵ میباشند.  ایشان  دارای بیش از ۳۰ سال  سابقه درخشان و معتبر در زمینه حسابداری ، امور مالی و تجاری در استرالیا هستند.امور حسابداری موجب دقت زیاد و سرعت عمل پرونده شما خواهد شد.علاوه بر این به عنوان یک تبعه استرالیایی با تمامی‌ قوانین جاری در این کشور نیز به خوبی‌ آشنایی داشته ودر صورت نیاز به هرگونه خدمات در داخل استرالیا و ارایه  انواع سرویسها و مشاوره های کاری و تجاری متناسب با نیازهای جامعه استرالیا بهترین گزینه را برای شما برخواهند گزید. شما می توانید با اطمینان کامل از  انواع ویزاهای تخصصی ، تحصیلی، کاری ، ازدواج و تجاری( (Business این شرکت بهره مند شوید و علاوه بر خدمات ویزا از خدمات پس از ویزا از قبیل  همکاری جهت ثبت شرکت تجاری با نام خود ، خدمات تهیه مسکن ، پیدا کردن کار و ... نیز استفاده نمایید.

این شرکت همچنین افراد مجرب  دیگری را در مجموعه خود به همراه دارد که خدمات مهاجرت به استرالیا  را به سایر  زبانها و به ویژه فارسی ارائه میدهند. مشاورفارسی زبان این شرکت نیز بیش از ۶ سال سابقه مفید و  در خشان در امر مهاجرت داشته و با سیستم کاری و مدارک سازمانهای ایران به خوبی‌ آشنا میباشند لذا علاوه بر بهره گیری از یک وکیل استرالیایی با توضیحات بالا نگرانی خاصی از جهت برقراری ارتباط و تهیه مدارک در چارچوب قوانین و سیستم  اداری ایران  نخواهید بود.

وکلای ما همراه با دقت و تخصص بالا در امر مهاجرت پرونده شما را به بهترین نحو ممکن به اتمام خواهند رساند.

خدمات ما:

این خدمات شامل انواع ویزاهای زیر می‌باشد:

۱- انواع ویزای مهارتی ((skilled visa – Subclass 189-190-489

۲- ویزای تحصیلی‌ برای تمامی‌ مقطع ( دبیرستان ، لیسانس ، فوق لیسانس و دکترا)

۳- ویزا کار و تحصیل فارغ التحصیلان مهندسی زیر ۳۱ سال

۴- انواع ویزاهای تجاری ( با اسپانسر ، سرمایه گذاری ،مبتکران و کار آفرینان)

۵- ویزا از طریق همسر و ویزای نامزدی

۶- ویزای توریستی وکاری کوتاه مدت

۷- ویزای والدین

۸ - ویزای بازنشستگی

خدمات پس از اخذ ویزا  نیز شامل:

1- همکاری جهت تاسیس دفتر یا شرکت تجاری براساس نیازها و سیاست های داخلی استرالیا

2- انواع خدمات مشاوره ای جهت پیدا کردن هر چه سریع تر کار، یافتن محل سکونت مناسب ، افتتاح حساب بانکی ، ثبت نام در مراکز مورد نیاز مانند سنتر لینک ، مدارس و غیره

جهت استفاده از مشاوره فارسی زبان ابتدا فرم ارزشیابی را پر کرده و یا سوالات خود را به آدرس ایمیل زیر ارسال نموده تا در اسرع وقت مورد بررسی قرار گرفته و پاسخ داده شود.

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